Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Old Pillows

So remember that tablecloth I mentioned in the post on Canton several weeks ago?  After many many soakings in oxi clean free, I finally made it into some really cute pillows.

There was enough fabric to make a front and a back for two long skinny pillows.  Here are some pics:

Also, as I hoped the very cute rooster in the center of the tablecloth got turned into a very cute pillow.  Here are a couple of pics of the front and back:
Here's a pic of the 3 together.  I think they're really cute.

All three are on sale in my etsy shop and you can check them out here

I really enjoy taking vintage stuff and turning it into something new.  I love the idea of things getting new homes and at the same time reusing instead of buying new.  I have this image of this tablecloth on a cute little 1960s formica table with a jello mold sitting on it :)

More soon...


  1. Hi Jessica, I saw your follow on Twitter and it led me to your blog. I love the tablecloth turned pillows. The rooster is my favorite. I really like the color pallette, very soft and muted. Usually chickens tend to be bright primary colors. Just a note some of your pics are not showing for me. I get an x in the corner. I tried right click and show pictures and refreshing the page but nothing. Maybe it's just my pc. Otherwise your blog and pics are great!

  2. There were a few pics acting crazy :) Thanks so much for letting me know and for checking out my blog!