Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hipstamatic and Vintage Aprons...

So I'm completely obsessed with this iphone app I found called Hipstamatic.  I was really unhappy with the Etsy pics I was putting up and felt like everyone else's pics were way better.  I went looking for photo apps and found this.  It allows you to change films and lenses when taking pictures to get these really cool effects.  They equate it to taking pictures with an old toy camera.  I have been playing with it pretty much non-stop and really like some of the pictures.  Here are a few I have taken:
I think they all have a really cool retro feel.  You can check out all of the items in these pictures in my Etsy shop

I am currently working on moving away from things made from all new fabrics to things that are all vintage/sustainable or at least a mix between new and old.  When I went to McKinney Third Monday Trade Days a few weeks ago, I bought alot of vintage linens including several aprons.  I turned one of the aprons into an ipad/ipad 2 sleeve.  Here is a pic: 
Everything in the piece is vintage, including the button that came out of a very old button jar.  I'm already working on another made from a different apron and I will share it with you soon.  Here is the link for the iPad/iPad 2 sleeve in my shop

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